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Tooth Extraction
Modern dentistry does everything it can to save your natural teeth. Sometimes, however, it’s necessary to pull a badly damaged tooth. Dr. Scott Kimche, at Mountain Dentistry in Park City, Utah, is well-known for his warmth and compassion as well as his skill and expertise as one of the community’s leading dental experts. You can rely on him to decrease your stress and minimize your discomfort during any dental procedure, including tooth extractions. Call the office today for an appointment, or schedule your visit using their online service.

Tooth Extraction Q & A

What are the reasons for pulling teeth?

Sometimes Dr. Kimche recommends a tooth be extracted because of overcrowding in your mouth, which may include teeth trapped below the gum line. Making room in your mouth can help resolve overcrowding issues and may prepare your teeth for straightening with the Invisalign system.

The most common cause of pulling adult teeth, however, is decay that’s caused too much damage at the root to make repair possible. Though root canal can often save a badly decayed or infected tooth, it sometimes fails to stop the infection from spreading into your jaw. In that case, the only option is to remove the tooth.

Gum issues such as periodontal disease may also result in tooth extraction. Sometimes it’s recommended for patients with a compromised immune system, such as individuals with diabetes or patients undergoing chemotherapy for cancer.

Is it safe to have a tooth pulled?

Although tooth extraction is a common and safe procedure, it’s important to know about any chronic medical conditions you have that may affect your ability to heal or fight off infection. Before recommending extraction, Dr. Kimche first examines your mouth and obtains digital X-rays to gauge the level of your tooth decay and health of the roots and underlying jaw structure.

He also takes time to discuss your overall health and needs a detailed list of medications and supplements you take regularly. If he recommends extraction, Dr. Kimche discusses the procedure and aftercare in detail before proceeding.

What is it like to have a tooth pulled?

The exact procedure can vary and may depend on the location of the affected tooth and the level of decay. In general, however, before pulling your tooth, Dr. Kimche injects a local anesthetic to numb the area and prevent pain during the extraction. Once the area is sufficiently numb, he then uses forceps to grasp the tooth. He may rock it back and forth to loosen it from the jawbone before removing the tooth. Sometimes the tooth must be removed in pieces and the extraction site may require a stitch or two to help speed healing.

Lastly, Dr. Kimche packs your “wound” in your gum is then packed with gauze and you’re sent home with written instructions on how to care for the extraction site.

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