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General Dentistry

General dentists undergo extensive training to treat almost all types of oral conditions. Some of the treatment procedures that general dentists offer are fillings, crowns, bridges, dental implants, teeth whitening, dentures, orthodontic care, root canal therapy, composite bonding, etc. At Mountain Dentistry, we offer the best quality service, which would take you closer to the smile that you’ve always wanted.

Tooth-colored fillings

Fillings mainly help restore teeth that are infected by cavities. Filling material is most often made from composite resin or ceramic, which allows the dentist to alter its appearance to mimic the natural teeth. The filling restores the contour of the decayed tooth and prevents reinfection by offering perfect sealing properties.


Dental crowns are cap-like structures used for covering a tooth in its entirety. They are used mostly in the case of teeth that are damaged, cracked, worn out, or chipped. By bonding a crown to a damaged tooth, its natural shape and structure can be restored. It also prevents the tooth from crumbling or being extracted.


Bridges help replace a natural tooth that has been extracted. They are made from tooth-colored ceramic material. Bridges are composed of a prosthetic tooth and crowns on either side to hold it firmly in place. A bridge restores the patient’s ability to bite and chew food as usual. Also, oral aesthetics would be restored to normal.


Implants are known to be the strongest and most reliable tooth restorations. They are ceramic restorations that are implanted into the jawbone using a metal stud that acts as the root of the implant. Implants are known to last for several years together while offering excellent durability, functionality, and stability. Implants also help to prevent jawbone deterioration and the drifting of teeth.


Orthodontic care is intended to bring about a positive change in the alignment of the teeth and get rid of the patient’s malocclusion. Some of the commonly used orthodontic appliances are dental braces and Invisalign. They work by applying pressure on the teeth in a controlled manner and moving them as required.

Root Canal therapy

The root canal is a central cavity present in every tooth that houses the pulp. The tooth pulp is composed of the nerves and blood vessels, which are responsible for the sensation and nourishment. When the pulp develops an infection, the tooth will be at risk of being extracted and also spreading the disease to the nearby teeth and gums. A root canal therapy would be required in such cases where the dentist would remove the infected pulp and restore the tooth using a crown.

Teeth whitening

Teeth discoloration is quite a common concern among most of our patients. It occurs due to improper brushing techniques, diet constituting a lot of colored foods, chewing tobacco, smoking, etc. The teeth can be made to look whiter using our customized teeth whitening solutions.

In addition to the treatments mentioned above, we address other common dental concerns as well. 

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