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Itero Scans

The traditional method of taking a mold of the teeth involves biting into a putty-like gooey substance that feels very uncomfortable. The dimensions and contour of the teeth obtained through these molds are usually not accurate. Meaning, the restorations that the dentist makes taking these molds as a reference may not fit perfectly. You may have to spend longer durations in the dental practice until the dentist makes modifications to it. All of this is a hassle that we do not want our patients to go through!

Do we have a solution to this?

Absolutely! We use a highly-advanced, and efficient scanning device called the iTero Element. It is a wand-like scanning tool that produces a beam of light from its tip. The dentist handles the device and guides it through your mouth so that it can capture all the details of your mouth, such as the alignment, spacing, cavities, malocclusion, cysts, lesions, etc. The dentist can extract these results and share them to a dental laboratory to get the restoration fabricated. They can also project it on to a computer screen and examine the oral cavity in detail. This way, the dentist can view the minute details that were not visible to the naked eye.

Advantages of iTero

  • The process of scanning the teeth and the entire mouth can be completed in about a minute. This saves the dentist and the patient a lot of time.

  • The results obtained from the scans are of exceptional precision and detail. The dentist can use them to diagnose the mouth and also fabricate restorations.

  • If the scanning process is interrupted midway, it can be resumed without hassle without losing any data.

  • With iTero, the unpleasant experience of biting into a putty is eliminated completely.

  • With a single scan, the dentist can obtain an unlimited number of views of the oral features.

  • iTero doesn’t harm the tissues of the human body. It is tested safe and is mild against the soft tissues of the oral cavity. 

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